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Energy giant Npower-renewables, part of RWE Group, is proposing to construct 6 massive wind turbines, up to 126m (416ft high) - amongst the largest in the UK - at Bythorn and Molesworth on the Cambridgeshire North Wolds.

This website is run by a campaign group comprising residents from the surrounding villages of Bythorn, Molesworth, Keyston, Brington, Clopton and Old Weston. Its purpose is to provide information for local residents.

If, once you have considered the information on this website, you are opposed to the proposed wind farm, please visit the Support page to register your views.

We also welcome any general comments, views, information for the website etc - please visit the Feedback page.


Eric Pickles the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has dismissed the appeal by RWE and refused planning permission for the proposed Molesworth Wind Farm comprising of six 126 metre high Wind Turbines on 3 December 2014.

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Latest News
Stop Molesworth Wind Farm Action Group AGM 
(17 Feb 2016)
Wednesday 17 February 2016

Hi Everyone,

Statutory Annual Meeting of the Stop Molesworth Wind Farm Action Group AGM

We will be holding our AGM on Thursday 25th February at 7.00 pm at Bythorn Village Hall. The Agenda will include the future purpose of the Action Group as an item. We anticipate the meeting will last half an hour. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Thank you for your continued support,

Vicky Wood

Phone: 01832 710612

Email :

Stop Molesworth Wind Farm Decision - December 2014 
(10 Dec 2014)
Wednesday 10 December 2014

Hi Everyone,

A very big thank you for all your messages of congratulations and apologies for not responding individually, they are all very much appreciated!!


Just to confirm Eric Pickles the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has dismissed the appeal by RWE and refuses planning permission for the proposed Molesworth Wind Farm comprising of six 126 metre high Wind Turbines.

“The Inspector recommended that a split decision be issued such that the appeal is allowed in respect of the 3 western turbines but dismissed in respect of the 3 eastern turbines. For the reasons given below, the Secretary of State disagrees with the Inspector’s recommendation, dismisses the appeal and refuses planning permission.”

A full copy of the decision can be found at

You should be aware that the Secretary of State’s decision may be challenged by making an application to the High Court within six weeks from the date of the decision letter which went out on 3 December 2014.


It must be noted that without the intervention of Eric Pickles the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government we would now be facing the prospect of 3 turbines being built and overshadowing the villages of Bythorn, Keyston, Molesworth, Titchmarsh and Clopton. As you can imagine we are extremely pleased that the decision was called in.


We can now finally take down our posters, if you put any up on telegraph poles or other public places could you now please remove them. Please could you your placards into Scotts Farmhouse or leave them on the grass verge next to Bythorn Village Hall, if you happen to be passing this way otherwise Committee members will be coming round to pick up the placards and (weather permitting) hope to have collected them all in by Sunday 21 December.


The Stop Molesworth Wind Farm Committee would like to thank everyone who has helped and supported the Action Group over the last four years. This tremendous local support has kept us going and enabled us to employ the witnesses and have our brilliant photo montages produced which have proved invaluable during the Inquiry. Thanks must go all those who have written letters, displayed placards and posters and also for the amazing financial support given. It has been a long campaign lasting over 4 years from the initial scoping request by RWE npower to Huntingdon District Council in July 2010.

Thanks must go to local residents and our elected representatives including our MP Shailesh Vara, County Councillor Simon Bywater, District Councillor Mike Baker for the Ellington Ward and Derek Capp for the Barnwell Ward, Parish Councillors Andrew Ford for Bythorn and Keyston and Geoff Burn for Brington and Molesworth and all the other local Parish Councils who have opposed this planning application reflecting the views of the residents of the closest villages. We would also like to thank the Bythorn Village Hall Committee for the use of the hall, for no charge, on numerous occasions. A big thank you must go to several local anti- Wind Farm Action Groups who have helped us over the past 4 years and given advice, guidance and support throughout the long process of the planning application and appeal.

Finally, a big thank you to Architech for their fantastic photo montages, our Planning Advisor Bob Barfoot, Barrister David Cocks, Expert Witnesses Michelle Bolger, Tim Reed, Phil Bratby and also Bob Davis for his advice, the Action Group Committee, Village Representatives and our Document Editors for all their hard work over the last four years.


We hope that RWE npower will now respect the wishes of the majority of the Local Community and not pursue this or any similar development in this location.

Thank you for all your support over the last four years and wishing you all a very happy Christmas and peaceful 2015,

Vicky Wood

Phone: 01832 710612

Email :

(4 Dec 2014)
Secretary of State dismisses the appeal and refuses planning permission.

The decision has just arrived from the planning inspectorate that the appeal has been dismissed.

For more information, please visit the Government site here:

25 August 2019
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    Please note that the content of this web site represents the views and opinions of the STOP MOLESWORTH WIND FARM committee and our members. Although we have tried to be as accurate as we can in relaying facts on the subject of this proposed development and the industrial wind industry in general, we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies found therein. If you believe any content to be incorrect or inaccurate please let us know.

    We would like to thank all the other wind farm opposition groups who have helped us with ideas.