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Archive from November 2011
A New Petition - Please Sign 
(11 Nov 2011)
11th November 2011

A New Petition - Please Sign

Sorry I have just received the details of this petition, please sing and encourage friends and family to do so.

Wind Turbine distance from Residential Property

We petition the Government to put a halt on any Wind Turbine planning applications until the ""Wind Turbines (Minimum Distances from Residential Premises) Bill [HL] "" has been read at the House of Lords. This would ensure: If the height of the wind turbine generator is— (a) greater than 25m, but does not exceed 50m, the minimum distance requirement is 1000m; (b) greater than 50m, but does not exceed 100m, the minimum distance requirement is 1500m; 20 (c) greater than 100m, but does not exceed 150m, the minimum distance requirement is 2000m; (d) greater than 150m, the minimum distance requirement is 3000m. Honda of the UK Manufacturing are attempting to errect 3 x 120 turbines within 1 km of residential properties before this bill goes through. Please sign to halt this.

If you would like to sign go to - the closing date is 16th November 2011.


Vicky Wood

Update 11th November 20 
(11 Nov 2011)
Update 11th November 2011

Hello Everyone,

No planning application has been submitted yet by npower to Huntingdon District Council for the proposed Wind Farm at Molesworth.

Many of you may be aware of plans for the proposed Barnwell Manor wind farm near the National Trust property of Lyveden New Bield, a wonderful place to visit, incorporating an Elizabethan garden and Lodge which are grade 1 listed. The process has reached the appeal stage, to be held at Thrapston Council Offices on 16th November at 10.00am, running for seven days (16, 17, 18 November and from Tuesday 22nd November to Friday lunchtime on 25th November). Morning sessions are from 10am to 1.00pm and afternoon sessions begin at 2.00pm, they are open to the public and you can stay for just half an hour or the entire session. The action group Stop Barnwell Manor Wind Farm would welcome as many people to attend and show their opposition to this proposal. Further details can be found on the Action Group's Web Site -

The appeal concerning the wind farm at Kimbolton (Bicton) will resume on Tuesday 20th December, the venue still has to be confirmed see for more details.

The Woolley Hill Wind Farm (near Ellington) appeal is due to take place on 6th January probably at Huntingdon District Council offices. More information can be found on their website

Finally the Economist is staging a debate on renewable energy entitled “This house believes that subsidising renewable energy is a good way to wean the world off fossil fuels.” If you feel strongly enough about this to vote NO please visit their website and place your vote. It is very easy to vote against this motion: simply click on ""vote no”.

We will continue to keep you updated with any developments concerning proposals for wind farms in the local area as we get further information.

If you have any suggestions, comments or require further information please let me know.

Thank you for your continued support,

Vicky Wood

Chairman Stop Molesworth Wind Farm Action Group

Phone: 01832 710612 Email: