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Archive from November 2013
(4 Nov 2013)
24th October 2013

Hi Everyone,

PUBLIC INQUIRY 10 TO 20 December 2013

The Inquiry Timetable, detailing all the sessions and topics to be covered can be found under the Inquiry Tab on the website. Listed below are the ways you can help ensure your views are known by the Planning Inspector and ultimately The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. This means your views and depth of your opposition expressed at the Inquiry are even more important.


1. Attend as many of the 16 sessions of the Public Inquiry as you can so there is a large local presence. This Inquiry only lasts for 8 days and it will be the LAST chance for the local community to express their opposition to this proposed wind farm.

If you are able to attend please try to take a car full and encourage your friends and neighbours to go with you. It is vital we have those living near the proposed wind farm showing their opposition to this plan by turning up in large numbers to demonstrate their opposition to this wind farm planning application.

2. Register to speak at the public session on Wednesday 18 December at 7.00pm. THIS MUST BE DONE AT THE FIRST SESSION OF THE INQUIRY ON TUESDAY 10 DECEMBER. If you are unable to make this session you can ask someone to put the request in for you or email in a request to speak to Helen Skinner at PINS quoting Molesworth Wind Farm and Reference 2197548. None of us particularly enjoy speaking in a public arena but this is an issue where local opinion really does count and we need you to express your views.

Speak on issues you feel most concerned and passionate about. You can read from notes no longer than 1500 words long. If you are going to read from a written statement the Inspector has requested that 8 copies are to be distributed. We are happy to print the 8 copies required if given enough notice.

If you are unable to speak at the public session on Wednesday 18 December the Inspector will permit you to speak at one of the other sessions which you are able to attend. You just need to register your intent and the date you can be available.

If you are going to speak on technical issues such as noise or detailed information on a particular medical condition and intending to cite studies concerning wind farms and impacts on health or any other complex issues you need to submit it to the Planning Inspectorate by TUESDAY 12 NOVEMBER.

You can find a copy of Inspector's Pre-Inquiry Note and the Inquiry timetable on our website under the Inquiry Tab. To contact the Inspectorate email Helen Skinner at PINS quoting Molesworth Wind Farm and Reference 2197548.

3. If you think your property will be impacted by the proposed wind farm you can ask the Inspector to include it on his site visit. However the inspector has stated that if there are 2 or 3 properties in a similar location he may only choose to visit one of them due to time constraints. If you would like the Inspector to visit your property could you please contact us as he has asked interested parties to put together a site visit plan. More detail is in the Pre-Inquiry note which is on our website.

Apologies for this rather lengthy email but this is such an important issue and I do hope people will make the time, at what will be a very busy time of year, to attend the Inquiry and speak. If you have any queries or require further information please contact any member of the Stop Molesworth Wind Farm Committee.

Thank you for your continued support,

Vicky Wood

Phone: 01832 710612

Email Address :