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Archive from September 2010
View From the Turbines 
(27 Sep 2010)
A View from the Turbines. A number of photos were taken on Wednesday 22 September over the site of the proposed wind farm from between 420 - 450ft. If you can see your house on these photos you will be able to see the wind turbines!! Click on the photos on this page to enlarge.
Date of Next Meeting 
(23 Sep 2010)
The next meeting of the Molesworth Wind Farm Action Group will be on Monday 27 September at Bythorn Village Hall at 8.00pm, all welcome
Wave of Support Building 
(21 Sep 2010)
Only two weeks after the launch of the web site we have over 50 supporters registered from Bythorn, Molesworth, Keyston, Brington, Titchmarsh, Clopton and Catworth.

Statistics from the attendence sheet filled in at the meeting on 13th September are very positve with the majority of local villages represented, 81% of respondents stated they were against the proposed wind farm development and noone was for the wind farm. In Bythorn itself over 50% of households attended the meeting.

Support Bicton Wind Farm Meeting 
(15 Sep 2010)
DON'T FORGET to attend the public meeting for Kimbolton, hosted by their Parish Council, is in the Mandeville Hall from 8pm on Thursday 16th September. The format of the evening will be a brief presentation from both view points followed by open questions. The Parish Council will then meet to agree their view on the proposal.


Date of Inaugural meeting 
(9 Sep 2010)
The first meeting of the Molesworth Wind Farm Action Group will be on Monday 13th September at 8.00pm in Bythorn Village Hall and is open to all interested parties. There will be guest speakers with experience in fighting wind farm developers locally.

We will also be electing the Action Group Committee.

All welcome.

Web Site Launched 
(7 Sep 2010)
7 September saw the launch of our website in response to the proposed wind farm development on Warren Lane between Molesworth, Bythorn, Clopton and Titchmarsh. There are to be 6 to 8 potentially 127 metre high turbines approximately 650 metres from local homes. We would particularly like to thank the Cotton Farm Action Group for all their help and advice so far.
Date of the NPower Exhibition 
(7 Sep 2010)
We have been informed that NPower will be holding an exhibition on the proposed wind farm development at Molesworth Village Hall on Friday 8th October and Saturday 9th October (times to be announced). They will be sending information directly to residents of surrounding villages.
Bicton Wind Farm 
(6 Sep 2010)
All objections to the Bicton Wind farm near Kimbolton need to be submitted by Friday 17th September. Please write to Huntingdon District Council see the web site link for all the details.