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Archive from September 2012
UPDATE 2nd September 2012 - Number Nine  
(28 Sep 2012)
UPDATE 2nd September 2012 - Number Nine POST PLANNING APPLICATION

Hello Everyone,


1. EAST NORTHANTS DISTRICT COUNCIL VOTED UNANIMOUSLY ON 29TH AUGUST to strongly oppose the planning application for Molesworth Wind Farm they will be submitting their reasons for objection to Huntingdon District Council.


RWE npower has submitted OVER 150 LETTERS to HDC of support as a result of asking members of the public at Huntingdon High Street (over 20 kilometres from the wind farm site) to fill in forms and letters of support. The District Council need to know local people do not want this wind farm, so if members of your household haven't written or your neighbours (who may not be on our supporters list and therefore not receive this email), please ask them to do so. All the addresses are on our website under the Contact heading.

3. Many of you will have noticed trenches being dug on the planning application site. This is a result of surveys by the County Archaeologist at Cambridge County Council, who has requested the work to be carried out by RWE npower and have agreed the trench locations, requesting 22 in total. He has also approved the methodology for the work. According to the energy company the trenching is being conducted by a small team qualified Archaeologists and supervised by the County Archaeologist.

4. We have commisssion an assessment of the presented photographic images from RWE npower. our photographers will also be in the area over the next week taking photographs to enable them to create photo montages which will give a realistic view of the impact of the wind turbines on the area. HDC have agreed to this documentation being submitted late and we believe it will show a gross under representation of the visual impact these turbines will have on our rural communities. As a result we are asking for donations and pledges to fund this. See below how to do this.

5. If you would like to assist us financially with our campaign, we have set up a bank account, please make your cheque payable to ""Stop Molesworth AG"", and send it Stop Molesworth AG, Scotts Farmhouse, Bythorn, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE28 0QP, please include your address in the envelope as we would like to issue receipts for all money donated. You can also choose to pledge money, please let us know if you would like to do so and we will send you a form. A big thank you to those who have already donated!! Details of how to donate and how surplus funds will be dealt with can be found under the Supporters tab on the Action Group Web Site.

7. Pegasus Planning Group has sent many of you a letter concerning a Residential Visual Amenity Survey which RWE npower Renewables Limited has asked them to undertake as the request of HDC. We will be sending out advice as to how to respond to this request to take photographs from your property in the next 24 hours.

6. MONDAY 15 OCTOBER - TARGET DETERMINATION DATE at Huntingdon District Council (this date may be put back). Further details to follow but we would hope once the date is decided to have a large attendance at this meeting.

If you have any queries suggestions, comments, require further information or can help in any way please let me know.

If you have received this email and do not wish to continue to be on the mailing list please contact us and we will ensure your name and details are removed.

Thank you for your continued support,

Vicky Wood

Chairman Stop Molesworth Wind Farm Action Group

Phone: 01832 710612