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Grounds for Objection - The Historic Environment

The local planning policy - HDC Supplementary Planning Document: Wind Power SPD 2006 Section 8.3, notes that the landscape of the Northern Wolds "has a high capacity to accommodate a small-scale group of 2-3 turbines", providing it was sited to "respect landmark features such as key views to church spires" and "respect the site and setting of the historic villages which characterise the Northern Wolds", many of which settlements have been in present for over a thousand years.

In relation to the above document recommendations the location of the proposed Molesworth wind farm development is totally inappropriate, in the first instance, because it numerically exceeds the amount and scale of that stated in the local plan document, is too close to human habitation and will have a dominant and detrimental effect on both our landscape and cultural heritage.

Listed buildings and sites of Historic interest within the area are a key element of visual amenity of both a villages' character and setting within the landscape. Within 5 km of this development there are a total of 122 Listed buildings or structures, of these 3 are Grade I and a further 6 are Grade II* listed buildings, all are likely to be affected by the proposed development.

The Grade I buildings are the churches of St. Leonard in Catworth, Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Titchmarsh and the closest, being Church of St. John the Baptist in Keyston.

The Grade II* buildings are the churches of All Saints in Brington, St. Lawrence in Bythorn, St. Peter in Molesworth, St. Swithin in Old Weston, Church of All Saints, Winwick and a building of special interest Old Manor House in Brington.

The settings of the listed churches in Bythorn, Keyston and Molesworth which are of undisputed significance, and that of St Swithin in Old Weston would be particularly severely affected by the proposed wind farm. The potential 'overbearing' and intrusive impact of the turbines on the scale and landscape setting of the above buildings is reason enough for this scheme to be rejected.

Other than those stated there are a further 113 Listed Buildings, homes or structures within 5km. Of greatest concern are those within the villages of Molesworth, Bythorn, Keyston, Brington and Clopton which will be situated within a kilometre and a half or less of the proposed turbines. Their proximity to the proposed development [6 turbines x height c127m], would ensure totally unacceptable levels of adverse impact on the lifestyle, tranquillity, visual amenity and cultural heritage of the locality.

Reasons for objection

The proposed Molesworth Wind Farm is at odds with current legal requirements, local and national development plan policies.

Planning (Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas) Act 1990 - It fails to comply with s.66 (desirability of preserving listed buildings and their setting) and with ss.69-73 (development affecting the character or appearance of a conservation area and desirability of preserving or enhancing the character or appearance of a conservation area).

PLANNING POLICY STATEMENTS ( PPS ) National Planning Policy Framework

PPS1 - Delivering Sustainable Development 2005 - It fails to comply with paragraphs 1 (does not protect and enhance historic environment not conserve countryside), 3 (conflicts with definition of sustainable development by preventing present generation meeting its own needs, and compromises the ability of future generations to meet their needs), 4 (effective protection of the environment), 5 (protect and enhance quality and character of the countryside and existing communities), 17 (fails to protect and enhance the environment, fails to maintain or improve the local environment), does not avoid significant adverse impacts on the environment).

PPS5 - Planning for the Historic Environment 2010 - It fails to comply with policies HE1.3, 1.3, 7.2, 7.4, 9.1, 9.2, 9.4, 9.6 and 10.1.

PPS 22 - Renewable Energy - defines the value of a wind farm development as dependent upon the appropriateness of the chosen location. For reasons stated above this location is inappropriate.

RSS for the East of England - It fails to comply with Policy 8.7 (does not protect, conserve and enhance the Region's diverse historic landscape), and Policy QE6 (does not protect and where possible enhance man-made and historic features that contribute to landscape character and distinctiveness).

Huntingdonshire Interim Planning Policy Statement April 2007 - It fails to comply with policy B7 (adversely affect character appearance or setting of historic park/garden, any other element of the historic landscape) B8 Conservation Areas - fails to protect an attractive historic environment; and B9 Archaeology - fails to safeguard non-statutory historic and archaeological sites.

25 August 2019
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