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Grounds for Objection - Impact on footpaths & bridleways

Reasons for objecting:-
  • The proposed location for the turbines is in the area of a popular recreational amenity for the surrounding villages - namely the footpaths and bridleways.
  • The development is effectively doubly penalising the local residents who have had to endure the intrusion of the A14.
  • The industrialisation of the landscape which is visible from the rights of way.
  • The unacceptably close proximity of the turbines to footpaths and bridleways.
  • The potential dangers from the turbines to users of the green roads, byways, bridleways and footpaths.

As the Huntingdonshire District Council website points out, "Huntingdonshire is a paradise for walkers ... There are miles of waymarked public footpaths and bridleways criss-crossing through open countryside and nature reserves. Many link country parks to charming market towns and villages. Pause to enjoy a picnic in the fresh air, indulge in a cream tea or take a well-earned rest at a welcoming pub".

More information can be found at the Visit Huntingdonshire website.


The footpaths and bridleways in the area of the proposed wind farm provide a valued recreational amenity for those living in Molesworth and Bythorn as well as those from the surrounding villages of Keyston, Brington, Old Weston, Clopton and Titchmarsh and are regularly used by organised walking groups. These rights of way give people easy access to a tranquil and natural landscape where they can escape from the stresses of modern living.

In particular, since the development of the A14 into a major dual carriageway as part of the national road network, the footpaths and bridleways in the area to the north of the villages of Molesworth and Bythorn provide the primary recreational amenity for the residents of these villages as a means of getting away from the noise and intrusion of the road.

The introduction of these turbines will effectively remove direct access for walkers and riders to undeveloped countryside from the village of Bythorn. With the A14 to the south and west, high voltage power lines to the south west, and RAF Molesworth to the north east of the village, the presence of these turbines extending from the north west to the north east of the village will mean that Bythorn is surrounded by development in a variety of forms, compromising its rural environment.

The visual impact on the landscape and character of the local countryside will be adversely affected by these large artificial structures, which will change open countryside into an industrial landscape.


There are horse riding enthusiasts in Molesworth, Bythorn and surrounding villages. The whole area around the proposed site is popular with riders who make daily use of the quiet roads and bridleways. However, there are reports of horses being severely spooked when ridden near wind farms.


The British Horse Society says:

'That, as a starting point when assessing a site and its potential layout, a separation distance of four times the overall height should be the target for National Trails and Ride UK routes, as these are likely to be used by equestrians unfamiliar with turbines, and a distance of three times overall height from all other routes, including roads, with the 200m recommended in the Technical Guidance to PPS 22 being seen as the minimum, where it is shown in a particular case that this would be acceptable. The negotiation process recommended in PPS 22 should indicate whether, in the particular circumstances of each site, these guidelines can be relaxed or need strengthening to minimise or eliminate the potential difficulties.'

The full publication prepared by BHS relative to wind farms can be downloaded by following this link and then opening the pdf file (currently the second item on the list).

Turbines T4 and T5 (the closest to footpaths) are 200m and 210m respectively away from the closest bridleways, which is just within the absolute minimum recommended by the British Horse Society.

In winter snow and ice may build up on the blades and when the turbines are started, this could result in the build up being "thrown" at high speeds for long distances, possibly injuring users of the public access routes.

For more on this, see:

25 August 2019
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