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A brief landscape history

Visual and other amenities
Visual Amenity

The turbines would completely dominate the landscape with out-of-scale industrial features alien to and out of keeping with it.

This drastic change would detract from the visual amenity of the landscape and affect the enjoyment of the area by all countryside users - including residents, walkers, cyclists, riders and visitors.


Landscape is part of the general amenity of life in small villages. Destruction of the essential qualities of the landscape reduces the quality of life of local people.

Local residents have either lived here since birth or have moved to the area through choice. A large factor in the attraction of the area for them is the visible landscape with the characteristics outlined above.

Walkers & Cyclists

The proposed site is surrounded by, and visible from, a number of public footpaths.

As the Huntingdonshire District Council website points out, "Huntingdonshire is a paradise for walkers ... There are miles of waymarked public footpaths and bridleways criss-cross through open countryside and nature reserves. Many link country parks to charming market towns and villages. Pause to enjoy a picnic in the fresh air, indulge in a cream tea or take a well earned rest at a welcoming pub". More information can be found at the Visit Huntingdonshire website.

There is also Cycle Route 6 which encompasses 23 miles of gently rolling terrain in "stone " country where many of the churches have fine stone spires which can be seen for miles around.


There  is a riding school in Molesworth, The Grange at Bythorn  and smaller stables in the other surrounding villages. The whole area round the proposed site is popular with riders who make daily use of the quiet roads and bridleways, in particular the B663 at the point where construction lorries are likely to be coming onto the site.   Riders appreciate and enjoy the landscape and views.  We also have reports of horses being severely spooked when ridden near windfarms. 

British Horse Society advice can be viewed here and, in more detail, here.


The area is popular with hot-air balloons and microlights and there is also an airstrip close to the Pheasant Inn at Keyston.  A report by Orkney Sustainable Energy Ltd suggests as much as a 35km exclusion zone at Kirkwall and Sumburgh airports due to potential problems with instrument landing systems.  Mainland Scottish airports have similar restrictions.

Visitors / Tourists

Many people visit the area and enjoy the views. These include visitors to  Hamerton Zoo, country pubs in the surrounding villages, artists and many others.

The proposed development threatens to undermine all of these people's enjoyment of the wonderful panoramic views and open vistas which are currently a feature of the local landscape.

Effect on local roads


Further Development

Subsidies for Wind Farm Developers

Overstated Benefits

Noise & other health issues

Wildlife & Ecology

TV Reception

House Prices / Saleability

What happens next?

22 July 2019
Radio / TV

The BBC website contains a number of video clips from features related to wind farms - click here

BBC Radio 4 - Costing the Earth - 30th August 2007

"Wind power is the fastest growing renewable energy sector in Britain. The government is investing massive amounts of money in its future. But experts interviewed on Costing the Earth claim the power of the wind to deliver electricity is being overestimated by companies keen to cash in on big subsidies."

Listen again to the programme & read more on the BBC website:

For an interesting TV broadcast on the effects of wind turbines on local residents - especially the noise - see the LBV Television programme available on the Wadlow Windfarm website. [This is a large file. It may take a very long time to open - but is well worth listening to].

Web Pages / Articles

"Wind farms alone won't solve our problems" - CPRE

RSPB policy on wind farms

RICS commissioned report: What is the impact of wind farms on house prices?

Wind Power in Denmark - Dr V C Mason (Sept 2007) (PDF file)

Wind turbine noise, annoyance and self-reported health and
well-being in different living environments
- BMJ - March 2007 - E Pedersen, K Persson Waye (PDF file)

Perception and annoyance due to wind turbine noise - E Pedersena and K Persson Waye - J. Acoust. Soc. Am., Vol. 116, No. 6, December 2004 (PDF file)

Noise Radiation from Wind Turbines installed Near Homes: Effects on Health - with an annotated review of the research and realted issues - B Frey & P Hadden - Feb 2007

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